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MediAware eLearning Hub


Welcome to the MediAware eLearning Hub, an online eLearning Hub, designed to help young people and adults navigate the complex world of online information and media. In today’s digital age, misinformation can spread quickly and easily, leading to confusion, anxiety, and even harm. That’s why the MediAware project is dedicated to promoting critical thinking and digital literacy skills to empower you to make informed decisions and combat misinformation.

Project Results

Located at the interface of information and communication science and popular education, the MediAware project results offered to learners combine theory and practical workshops. They will enable
every learner, regardless of his/her social background, to:


• Develop a critical sense and an active approach to media production;
• Understand in-depth the conditions of information creation;
• Analyse the language and representations conveyed by an image;
• Decode the mechanisms of disinformation on the internet and social media and networks;
• Move away from the emotional approach to rationalise information;
• Use the media and digital media (including social media) in the exercise of one’s citizenship.

MediAware Handbook
The MediAware Handbook is a guide for educators entitled “Media, Citizenship and Democracy”, a pedagogical handbook including theoretical & basic concepts, training methods, tips, and exploitation guidelines about “misinformation, fake news, and active citizenship”.
MediAware Training Kit
The MediAware Training Kit is supported by a toolbox that can support you to improve your digital and media literacy. Topics explore topics such as fact-checking, online safety, etc. which can support young people and educators to consume digital media safely and responsibly.
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Project No.:   2021-1-SE01-KA220-ADU-000035659 
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